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A man of many talents:

Coming across people that are smart, talented, charismatic and kind is not easy to find sometimesÖ but Jim Fish embodied all of these qualities. Anyone that had the pleasure of knowing Jim witnessed these traits in him on a daily basis. Jimís friends, customers, partners and staff have had the pleasure over the years in watching Jim turn fruit into unique wines, turn words into abstract poetry, turn scrap wood into beautiful sculptures, but most importantly turn a community into a family! There is no doubt that Jim Fish left his mark on this world & that things will never be quite the same without his presence because he is and will always be the heart of Anasazi fields Winery. Jim would say the winery was a hobby that got out of control, and he loved every minute of it! He would explain the wines with much enthusiasm and if there was a new wine to sell, he made sure everyone knew the details of it so that they would love it just as much as he did! Although Jim will be sorely missed by many, he leaves us his sculptures to admire, his poetry to study, his wine to drink and most notably his knowledge, humor and kindness to pass on to others.
The Winemaker

"I started making these wines as a hobby in the late 1980ís. The hobby got out of control and we went commercial in 1995. I have very little of the hobby wine left. In our cellar, however, we have over 500 gallons of unbottled, still-on-oak wine from 1996, our first full year of commercial operation. Over the years, I have found that our older wines keep getting better. In addition, our more recent wines are starting out better.

I invite you to join us as we explore these wines and the landscape from which they come. A list of winery-related events for this year can be found on the Events page. At each event, we will feature one or two new wines in a landscape of art, music and poetry."

-Jim Fish

The links below are a fun collection of videos, art and poetry from Fish, and other tidbits to delight.

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Recent Events at Winery
Videos from Harvest Moon Belly Dance Hafla (9/21/2013)

Interviews with Fish
Listen to Jim Hammond interview with Jim Fish part 1 - March 28, 2012
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Fish's Poetry
The Hissing of the Ether (in Duke City Fix)

Wood Sculpture by Fish
Fish's sculptures on the Placitas Artists website

Many of these photos are courtesy of Fish including this one.